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Bangkok To Addis To Zurich


UNESCO Green Academies around the World 12:15pm in Zurich, 18:15pm in Bangkok, the interview begins. Dr. Benno Böer represents UNESCO from Thailand, and me Felix Matschie interviewing him for the Radio of the Sustainability Week Zurich. University students from different Zurich-based universities, such as ETH-Zurich, ZHAW School of Management and...

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Green Academies teaching skills for our survival on a planet in crisis


Deprived of air for three minutes, water for three days or food for three weeks, most people would perish. Planet Earth’s vibrant ecosystems provide these essentials but are being relentlessly subjected to unsustainable pressures. Unless there is a fundamental shift in mindset and behaviour, it is the future of humanity...

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Closing the gap between classroom teaching and real life


In 2019, global youth powerfully expressed their concerns that not enough was being done to keep the planet’s ecosystems in balance. Those voices have been heard, plain and simple. Environmental science is taught in schools using theory and laboratory sessions. This approach leaves a gap between school work and real...

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