#1 The handling & treatment of plastic waste is a global challenge


Status quo & problem situation: Plastic waste generation is also increasing steadily in Thailand; the country is considered one of the world’s top ten plastic waste dischargers into the world’s...

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Thomas Sack

Environmental Entrepreneur

Author's welcome message

Sawasdee krup,

with this warm welcome in Thai I would like to introduce my blog series on the Quest4Action platform as well as myself briefly: My name is Thomas Sack and I am a German environmental entrepreneur, who has been living in Thailand for more than 20 years, with a focus especially on the recycling of industrial solvents as well as diverse polymers. In this context, in particular raising awareness in politics and society has always been important to me, linked with the education and training of appropriate multipliers.

For some time now, I have also been working intensively with my local team and with support of my international network on the problem of the increasing amount of plastic waste and the resultant pollution of our environment.

As we can only solve this global challenge together in different areas and on different levels, I was very pleased to receive the invitation from the UNESCO Office in Bangkok, to share and discuss my thoughts, approaches to solutions, and the operational project progress with a wide circle of interested parties in a regular blog series on Quest4Action.

Especially I also look forward to your feedback and I will respond to it in the respective follow-up blog posts.

Please send your feedback to t.sack@quest4action.com.

About this blog series

Blog series “The future of Plastic-Recycling”

In this blog series, the environmental entrepreneur Thomas Sack is taking the issue of increasing plastic pollution into account and is writing about his approach and research to combat this global challenge with developing innovative solutions in Thailand.

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