Call for registration: World Science Day and Green Academies

The climate crisis and environmental degradation are among the most serious challenges facing humanity as a whole, challenges that are measured in decades but require urgent action now. This urgency is not only to preserve ecosystems and the bountiful Earth as we know it. It is for the sake of the survival of the human species.

The theme of World Science Day 2020, celebrated on 10 November, is “Science for and with Society”, which highlights the inclusivity and equality of the sciences, including to contribute to vital environmental goals. As UNESCO celebrates this International Day, we seek to engage the wider public in the Open Sciences about debates on contemporary issues relevant to science.

The UNESCO Bangkok virtual event on 10 November will focus on UNESCO Green Academies, which augment the knowledge and skills of people via science and education as an important adaptation to mitigate the adverse impacts of biodiversity loss, climate change, pollution and water calamities. The Green Academies, which will be implemented throughout the region, will close the gap between classroom teaching and practical action.

This year, the United Nations celebrates its 75th anniversary during an unprecedented global health crisis posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. The UN75 survey has reached out to members of the public to hear about our hopes and fears for the future. A top priority for action is overwhelming concern regarding the climate crisis and the destruction of our natural environment.

Join us on 10 November for this virtual conference sharing knowledge and information about practical, on-the-ground stems Green Academies and all of us can take to preserve the planet for the sake of ecosystems, for ourselves and for future generations to come.

Who should participate:

  • The scientific community including universities, especially faculties in the environmental sciences, biology, ecology, physical geography, botany, zoology, climatology, meteorology and natural resources management.
  • The education community, especially universities and schools interested in retrofitting their own premises into environmentally friendly places with low environmental footprints.
  • The general public including young people concerned about climate change resilience, biodiversity and water management
  • United Nations agencies, regional agencies, nature conservation agencies and Government Ministries and agencies with a mandate and an interest in biodiversity, climate, environment, pollution and water.
  • Private sector companies with a sincere interest looking for credible and transparent partners so they can embark on long-term corporate environmental responsibility projects.

Event details & registration

2020tue10nov13:30tue15:40World Science Day for Peace & Development 2020: Science for and with Society.The event will highlight the need of open science to enhance the science-based management of pandemics, biodiversity, climate, pollution, and science education.

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