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Brunei’s Response to Climate Change


A long-term change in temperature and weather pattern is referred to as "climate change." Climate is influenced by natural factors such as volcanic eruptions...

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Can the Climate Summits Deliver? A Critique on COP 27


Climate change is a socio-economic and political hot potato that calls for an annual meet in the form of Conference of Parties (COP) every year. COP, effective since 1994, was formed under the umbrella of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC); an international environmental treaty to combat human...

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Climate Literacy needs a science-based foundation


The United Nations recognizes that climate change is a threat to global peace and security. Extreme weather events cause adverse impacts on the food, water, jobs and energy-security nexus, with the potential to trigger social discontent and unrest. In recent years, we have observed massive wildfires, unusual droughts, extreme hurricanes...

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Building Ethical and Sustainable Relations between Humanity and Natur


UNESCO organized an event on the 16th of February 2021, called Building Ethical and Sustainable Relations between Humanity and Nature, as part of an activity called Together for Peace (T4P). The webinar focused on key concerns confronting today’s world: the climate crisis and the destruction of our natural environment. These...

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